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Client Changelog

        1.031: update-bugfix (server falsely assumed tainted code)
        1.025: Loop-mode mitigates generator startup cost
        0.993: change id, password protection, test bugfix
        0.960: SSL communication; bug fix (40digit computations)
        0.89x: bug fixes, memory friendly. Will work with ~700MB RAM
        0.87x: LBC "Jarvis" auto-updating do-what-I-mean version
        New: HRD-core 32bit Linux support (also 13x speedup)
        0.837: HRD-core (SPEEDUP 13x) only Linux 64bit
        0.832: Win-clients stable, critical Win bugfix 
        0.823: SPEEDUP 3x, persistent found info, less memory
        0.815: windows client for all; -blocks (soon), diagnostics
        0.813: windows client (beta); way easier install
        0.812: multiple architectures support
        0.809: error handling improvements
        0.806: parse balances: include short addresses, exclude p2sh
        0.804: updated docs
        0.803: better check of "generate" executable when benchmarking
        0.802: slightly faster generate and check
        0.801: client reports done blocks to server
        0.800: uh... didn't find compressed addresses
        0.799: some sanity checking for memory requirements
        checking key-commands
        ...    bugfixes
        0.789: changed while to do...while for correct no-loop behavior
        0.785: initial beta version